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New Indoor Flying Pictures for 2016-2017!    Look Above for past years pictures!

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Indoor flying times 2016 - 2017

Any date or time can change so be sure to check regularly

Last updated: 04/07/17

November    6, 2016 Skyview 10:00 to 3:00
November  20, 2016 Skyview 10:00 to 3:00
December    4, 2016


10:00 to 3:00
December  18, 2016


10:00 to 3:00


   1, 2017 Skyview 10:00 to 3:00
January  15, 2017


10:00 to 3:00
January  29, 2017


10:00 to 3:00
February  12, 2017


10:00 to 3:00
February  26, 2017


10:00 to 3:00
March  12, 2017


10:00 to 3:00
March  26, 2017


10:00 to 3:00


More fly times may be found, be sure to check here later

Many thanks to the management and staff of Skyview for letting us have access to the gym!


Weight Challenge Status: Tom & Gene tied at 4 pennies each

Update: Bob lifted 53.3 grams

Update: Bryan lifted 84 grams

First 2016 challenge

Build a roll off the ground free flight rubber and/or electric RC aircraft with a hook preferably close to the CG to hold added weight. Add weight until you cannot meet the minimum flight height of 4 feet. Tom has sanctioned all aircraft in this challenge to exceed maximum weight limits during challenge flights. Tom may define times for challenge flights.

Record the time above the minimum flight height. After your best flight, bring the plane to Tom's table where the aircraft and weights will be weighed and the flight time will be recorded.

The winners, for FF rubber and for electric RC, are the aircraft lifting the most load.  If there is a tie, the greatest time aloft decides the winner.

Rules:  Apply to both Rubber and Electric RC aircraft.

1.  Max weight including batteries or rubber and attached hook:  One ounce (28.34 grams)

2.  Must roll off the ground.

3.  Bring your own weights to work with your hook. (Weights must be removable)

4.  Must meet minimum flight height of 4 feet, during which it will be timed.

5.  No lighter than air aircraft, such as blimps or large helium balloons, allowed.

6.  Electric helicopters or quads (or as many motors you want) must fly upstairs.


We need New Flying Challenges for the 2016 - 2017 season
Start thinking and building now so you will be ready! :-)

Look for ideas in are:Past Challenges


We have a few basic RULES:

 Remember that the rubber band planes have the right of way.

1. No street shoes on the gym floor.

2. The main floor is restricted to 1 oz (around 28-29g) or a Wing loading of 2 oz per sq ft or less for RC.

This means that the Mustangs, Champs, Mosquitos, T-28 , Sukhoi, etc. will need to go upstairs to the east gym.

Rubber is not restricted by weight at this time, but please try to stay within the main floor rules.

Rubber exceptions should contact Tom before flying


The (west gym) is available for (Pico,  Nano, and Micro helicopters only)

The specifications for these are:

Micro-helicopters: 130mm main rotor or under

Micro-quads:  diagonally from motor shaft to motor shaft is less than 140 mm.

Good examples are: (1SQ or 1si by helli-max, Dart or protox by Estes,  EthosPQ  by Ares,  Kodo by Dromida , Nano or Pico QX by Blade)


The (east gym) is for planes that are too heavy for the main gym.


3. Limit your RC flights to 3 to 4 minutes per flight, promoting shorter flights allows more people to fly.

Thanks to Li-poly batteries we can fly up to 15 minutes with some of the new planes like the Parkzone Vapor or Cessna and others.
This can be a problem for some rubber band flyers who tend to wait for an open sky before launching.
This Rule promotes lots of shorter flights, and makes sure everyone has a great flying time.

4. RC pilots are to use all skill and prior planning to ensure that they do not fly over the pit area.

The planes need to be far enough out in front to make sure no unforeseen incident can imperil the planes or bodies of others.

5. Pilots are responsible for their own frequency control. Check with all other RC owners so no one crashes

someone else’s plane inadvertently.

NEW  ---->    6. Tom will survey the group each time and see if there are any ultra lightweight flyers present,
if there are he will shutdown normal flying on the lower gym at 2:30 pm and start lightweight flying.
This is for planes 1.2 grams or less that fly very slow, endurance style planes shooting for 5 minutes plus per flight.
Good model examples are: A6, Embryo Endurance, F1D, F1L, EZB, F1M, Legal Eagle,
Limited Penny Plane, and Mini-stick. If there are a lot of happy slow flyers Tom will extend the time to 3:30 pm if he can

The rules are not to restrict our fun

but to keep a place for us to fly.

We must ALL take the responsibility to keep our environment safe.


There have been a lot of suggestions about rules that others have used across the nation and world.
Quite honestly, we have one of the best places to fly of all.
Some places have an hour on and an hour off. In every case, this is because they have only one gym. We have three.
We are one of the last that has indoor free flight rubber.
It has died in other places because the bigger and heavier planes have driven them away.
If we continue to think of others before we fly, I think that we will be ok.

Below are examples of what is ok for the main floor.
As you can see, there are a couple heavier than one ounce, but they have multiple wings.

Below are examples of what is ok for the main floor. 
As you can see,  there are a couple heavier than one ounce, but they have multiple wings.  

Park zone
Ember  20g
Vapor  16g
Ultra micro J-3 cub  29g

Albatross  28-31g (two wings)
Playmate  30 g
Uberlites  17g
Fokker dr1  36g(3 wings)
Super cub  29g

Nano stick    7g
Tigermoth  14g
Micro stick  28g

Micro stick  28g

Stevens AeroModel UltraMicro.
(Tom had a number of conversations with them, and they said that all of these airplane kits can be built to be under one oz)
Liddlegee  26-31g (glue, covering and wood)
Liddlerod  26-31g (glue, covering and wood)
Liddlebug  21-27g (glue, covering and wood)
Puddlebug  26-31g (glue, covering and wood)

RC Flash 28g

Indoor RC Planes free plans

Finch 20-29g


Any questions or concerns contact Tom or Bryan.

Tom's email    Bryan's email


Help! We are looking for new indoor flying sites.
If you know of a location or some one that can help click here and let Tom know.


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These schools have been nice enough to allow us access to their Gyms for the purpose of enjoying our hobby. We also have access to the restrooms. That is the extent of our access, therefore please keep yourself and any children or other guests in these areas. The rest of the school grounds including classrooms are off limits. If we or our guests violate this rule we may not be allowed access to these schools in the future. We appreciate everyone's cooperation in this.

Remember: No street shoes on the gym floor.

Wear only rubber bottom shoes that have not been worn outside and/or bring slippers - if you forget to bring them, you can always run around in your socks.

Skyview gym back parking lot


Back parking lot off of E. Blakeslee Dr.

Enter through the doors marked by the arrow above,

make a left and go through doors into the gym.

Look for signs

Skyview High School

1303 E. Greenhurst,
Nampa, Id 83686

The directions for how to get to Skyview: Coming on freeway from Boise take the Garrity exit, turn left go to the first light turn left, this is Happy Valley Rd. stay on Happy Valley Rd. to Greenhurst, turn right on Greenhurst Rd. stay on Greenhurst to Skyview high school. Go to the back of the school (turn left on South Powerline right on Blakeslee Dr. and right into the back entrance to the school).

Thanks to: Tom Cole

Skyview Parking off of E Blakeslee Dr, use the door pointed to above.

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