Past Competitions

First 2015 Challenge

Build a Star Wars themed aircraft

Gene Won


First 2014 Challenge
This challenge requires you to build a rubber band Rogallo wing aircraft.

Example 1

Example 2


All Winners


2011-2012 Competitions

Greg is presenting us with the next challenge plane of his own design and the

Buzzards once again have gone beyond themselves and made kits,

which Tom and Pat Cole are packaged.

Bring money this February 13: a complete kit for $7 (All you add is glue and labor)

Update: If you are building the canard plane and were wondering how much dihedral you should have on the wing and canard.

I will answer this two ways:

1. Place the wing down flat on the work bench and raise the wing tip 2.5 inches
(I talked to Greg you could increase the dihedral to 3” if you think that would be better)

2. Place the center of the wing on the bench and raise each tip 1.25 to 1.5 inches the canard has the same dihedral
I would however only use the 1.25 on each tip

 The CG is 8.75 inches from the front of the motor stick

 Hope that all of you are coming along with the build
Tom Cole

 Winners :

First Place: Shannon Little
Second Place: Bob DeShields
Third Place: Bryan Pywell


Still wanting pictures for the Jan 30, 2011


Nov 7, 2010
this season's first challenge: Rubber powered helicopters in line with the Science Olympiad competition.

Guidelines: Total Mass >=4g, Power <= 2g, Max rotor diameter 40 cm, Maximum of 3 rotors
Whatever you want we are doing this for fun :-)

FF Helicopter/Autogyro Plans Link:


Default Challenge is made from Dart Kit
Tom has kits for $1.50 if you want something to start with
He also has plans that you can pick up at the first flying day
See what you can make - Yours could be a bi, tri, or tetra wing plane;
a helicopter, ultra large, ultra small, built up fuselage, etc.
In other words, see how creative you can get
This is not for competition… just for fun



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