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March 27, 2011

Last Day of the 2010-2011 Indoor Flying Season

See you all this fall!

Results of the Canard Challenge from the 13th

Carrier landing

Oh No!! Lynn's plane is stuck!

Randy's "Rescue Helicopter" attempts to rescue it.... No luck

Try again with the Rescue Helicopter...

Close!  But no cigar

Tom was trying to help Logan with his glider

Try the Airzooka...

No luck

Try again with the Rescue Helicopter...

Oh No!! Now the Rescue Helicopter needs to be rescued!!

Pat to the rescue!!

It's Free!!!  Now for the Rescue Helicopter...

Got it free... and it landed on the light!!

It's free... but now the strings are wrapped around and around it!

The End

See you in the park, at the flying field, at the Emmett ponds,
or where ever you're flying this summer
or see you in the gym this fall!

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