Day 6

October 6, 2011

Rexburg, Idaho to Home (Nampa, Idaho)

You can feed the bear cubs for an extra $35

You then drive through the park to see other animals

Mountain Goats



Adult bears


Most of them were sleeping through the rainy day

Idaho National Laboratory is a 890 square mile government reservation established in 1949
52 nuclear reactors have been built there
In 1951 the Experimental Breeder Reactor Number 1 (EBR-1) produced
the first usable amount of electricity generated by nuclear power
And the technology for the world's first nuclear-powered submarines were developed there

The Idaho Science Center
To celebrate the contribution of INL to understanding nuclear power
and training 40,000 sailors for nuclear submarines

The Idaho Science Center is a work in progress

The sail from the USS Hawkbill - A nuclear submarine built in 1969

The Mark 14 Torpedo
Used by the US Navy from 1929 - 1959 and 1969 - late 1970s
20.5 feet long, 3300 lbs, steam turbine propulsion

It was snowing so hard we couldn't really see much,
so we decided to come back to Craters of the Moon later when the weather is better

Picabo, Idaho

Fairfield, Idaho

Hill City, Idaho

Finally, we saw the light at the end of the stormy day... just outside of Boise

Sugar Factory, Nampa, Idaho

We were sure glad to see our Kitty Boys, and they were glad to see us!

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