Day 3

October 3, 2011

Old Faithful to Mammoth Hot Springs

The main lobby


You can sit and relax

Hallway to the dining room


Mail some postcards to Caitlin and Grandma and we're on or way!

Grand Prismatic Spring

Opal Pool

Turquoise Pool


In a clock-wise order:  Indigo Spring (small spring on left), Grand Prismatic Spring,
Opal Pool, Turquoise Pool, Excelsior Geyser, Firehole River

Grand Prismatic Spring

Excelsior Geyser

back to Old Faithful Inn for Lunch

Firehole Spring

Black Warrior Lake above, Hot Cascades flowing down to Hot Lake below

Fountain Paint Pots

Red Spouter Fumerole

Really bright people... I really like the lady with the cane!

1/3 mile... I don't think so!  At least a half mile!

Down the boardwalk...

up the steps...

mud pots

Artist Paint Pots is named for the different colors

Herd of elk just at sunset

Then it was dark, so there are no more pictures until the next day...

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