Day 5

October 5, 2011

Mammoth Hot Springs to Rexburg Idaho

The resident bull elk

going out to the north entrance

The Roosevelt Arch - Yellowstone's official north entrance
President Roosevelt set the cornerstone on April 24, 1903 and it was finished August 15

Gardiner, Montana - just outside the north entrance

lunch supplies

coming back in the north entrance

notice almost all the campgrounds were closed

Mammoth Hot Springs Upper Terraces

Orange Spring Mound
Orange cyanobacteria streak this 48 X 20 foot travertine mound
because the water flowing from it is cooler than some others

Tangerine Spring

Travertine "Hoodoos"
Brought down by a landslide from Terrace Mountain way above

Rustic Falls
Glen Creek falls 47 feet at the head of Golden Gate Canyon

Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Canyon
We stopped at the overlook to eat lunch and wait out some rain
then a bunch of police, ambulances, park vehicles, and fire engines went by - the way
we were going, and no cars came from that direction for a long time
so we waited quite a while until the traffic started going by again

Roaring Mountain
Steam escapes from the many fumarole openings causing a roaring wind sound
In 1902 a vent roared for months, giving the mountain its name
Crystalline sulfur deposits rim the vents and leached sulfuric acid produces a stark, barren landscape

Gibbon Falls - 84 feet tall

The Firehole River
The Firehole River begins with water flowing out of Madison Lake
It then joins with the Gibbon River at Madison Junction to form the Madison River
The Madison River flows 180 miles to Three Forks, Montana where it merges
with the Jefferson and Gallatin Rivers to form the Missouri River
The Missouri River flows into the Mississippi River above St. Louis, Missouri
The Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of Mexico south of New Orleans, Louisiana

Clepsydra Geyser
Fountain Paint Pot Area of the Lower Geyser Basin
Named in 1873 for its regularity "like the ancient Greek water clock"

West Yellowstone, Montana

Dinner at the Branch Restaurant

Restored Oregon Short Line executive rail car
built for the Vice President of the Union Pacific in 1903 and retired in 1935

The dining room (not in the rail car)

Union Pacific Depot
Built in 1909 to serve Yellowstone
The trains would arrive on the south (back) side
The coaches would arrive on the north (front) side

Again, this was right at sunset, so there are no more pictures until the next day...

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