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Last updated: 12/24/2012

In Memory of our Beloved Marty
who passed away due to heart failure on May 15, 2011

Three years was not long enough!  We will miss you!

The life of a spoiled cat

Play in the bathtub
It took us months to get him to go anywhere near the tub
after his first traumatic experience with it (he got a
bath when we first got him because he had fleas)

Play with the paper coming out of the printer

Give it the "Marty Stamp of Approval"

Sleep on the couch

Help Neil with his homework

"Hide" in the flowers

Herd ducks

Drink from the "Duck Pond"

Eat catnip, thanks Art!

Sleep in the upstairs sink

Sleep in the downstairs sink

"Hide" under the rug in the kitchen

Play in a shoebox

Sleep on the couch some more

Comfort Dad when he's sick

Help Mom with her school work

Cuddle with Mom (only for a minute or two)

Cuddle with Dad (again only for a minute or two)

"Hide" under the rug in the bathroom

Sleep on the couch some more

Sleep on the computer chair so no one can use the computer

Lay on the suitcases so they can't leave on their trip

Hide in Mom's bag so she has to take me with her

"Help" Mom with the recycling

"Help" Mom clean

"Exercise" on the treadmill
(at least someone gets some use out of it)

Wait! How did this picture get in here??
No one is supposed to see me in the "Cone of Shame"
That's not part of the spoiled cat's life I want to remember!

Sleep in this great paper bag

"Help" mom fill a box with notebooks

Lay on my perch blocking the view of the football game

"Help" mom with her birthday presents

I like mom's birthday present!

Take a nap with dad

Open packages at Christmas

Play with Christmas ornaments

Play with wrapping paper

Watch dad shovel the sidewalk

All that Christmas stuff made me sleepy... I think I'll sleep on the bed

Lay in the kitchen window watching the birds

Play jungle cat

Try out mom's new kitchen rug

Fry up a mouse to eat

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