My trip started in Boise, I then flew to Seattle.

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Getting on the bus to Vancouver.

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The Alex Fraser bridge into Vancouver.

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The Imax is all that is left of the worlds fair of 1986.

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Time to get in line, to get on board.

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It hard to get a good photo of the ship with all the tourists in the way.

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Thats better.

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The line to board.

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The Vancouver pavilion from the 1986 worlds fair.

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On board at last.

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British Columbia clue.

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Continuous Welcome Aboard Information.

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Leaving the docks.

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Top deck

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The only way to travel.

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Tugs will be seen around ever port of call.

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Right side

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Left side

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Yes, my feet.

Fire Drill

Dad getting in trouble.

C location

Mid ship pool


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My parents in their room.

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Meet the captain night.

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The ship behind ours.

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