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Took a few shots of the ship on the way back to port.

12-11.jpg (73030 bytes)

This was the deck I stayed on.

12-2.jpg (90129 bytes)

Bingo ever day.

12-3.jpg (58112 bytes)

Beth who took care of the room.

12-9.jpg (103268 bytes)

Open any time out of port.

12-12.jpg (68266 bytes)

Table waiter.

12-13.jpg (85715 bytes)

My dad testing a floor lift.

12-14.jpg (84292 bytes)

The old fashion way of getting from floor to floor.

12-15.jpg (69627 bytes)


15-13.jpg (92717 bytes)

My dinning hall mid ship.

15-14.jpg (98937 bytes)

In the corner is where I ate.

15-15.jpg (119142 bytes)

back of the ship dinning hall.

15-17.jpg (92823 bytes)

Art for sale ever day.

15-18.jpg (89892 bytes)

One of a dozen bars.

15-19.jpg (71407 bytes)

Are staging area for getting off the ship.

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