The first boatloads of stampeders bound for the Klondike landed at Skagway in July 1897.

7-1.jpg (78938 bytes)

Skagway in the morning.

7-2.jpg (124686 bytes)

Back of our Ship.

7-3.jpg (94417 bytes)

White Pass & Yukon Railroad.

7-6as.jpg (65893 bytes)

One of the those art shoots.

7-7.jpg (87286 bytes)

My first tour bus ride took me to the end of town all 5 blocks.

7-8.jpg (105255 bytes)

Down town Skagway.

7-9.jpg (80509 bytes)

Lets go shopping.

7-12.jpg (82127 bytes)

One of the only drinks in town.

7-13.jpg (84424 bytes)

One cute town dog.

7-14.jpg (100816 bytes)

Maybe a town patrol car.

7-15.jpg (99904 bytes)

Would someone tell me what a AB is?

7-16.jpg (90497 bytes)

Come to find out the lady that runs this store is on my moms side of the family.

7-18.jpg (84206 bytes)

The good old days.

7-19.jpg (84535 bytes)

One steam powered snow blower.

7-20.jpg (114421 bytes)

Lots of steal.

7-21.jpg (84658 bytes)

Black and whites of past snow blowing work.

7-26.jpg (65594 bytes)

A clue of it size.

8-1.jpg (94400 bytes)

Lets get on a train.

8-2.jpg (76105 bytes)

Good seats and clean glass.

8-3.jpg (119828 bytes)

This outfit is building its own new train cars, real neat.

8-4.jpg (116648 bytes)

Gold Rush Cemetery.

8-12.jpg (151626 bytes)

Black Cross Rock.

8-15.jpg (112954 bytes)

Coming up on glacier station.

8-16.jpg (92739 bytes)

Pitchfork falls.

8-17.jpg (95400 bytes)

More good art stuff.

8-18.jpg (98374 bytes)

Fun ride seating out between the cars on the railing.

8-20.jpg (144054 bytes)

Tunnel Mountain.

8-24.jpg (130424 bytes)

Steal bridge constructed in 1901.

9-4.jpg (140757 bytes)

White Pass Summit at the U.S./Canadian border.

9-6.jpg (80497 bytes)

Some color.

9-7.jpg (73458 bytes)

Nice 20.4 miles, with lots to see.

9-11.jpg (132681 bytes)

Part of the the trail of '98 the primary route from Skagway to the gold fields.

9-13.jpg (143512 bytes)

More of the trail of '98.

9-16.jpg (83252 bytes)

View of where I rode up.

9-18.jpg (151115 bytes)

Hard to believe this was a toll road.

9-21.jpg (126484 bytes)

You can rent this car as a day cabin if you like to hike.

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