New Kitties 2011


New Kitty #1 adopted from Simply Cats in Boise
they called him "Moose" (they pick a theme for groups - his sibling was "Meerkat")
we have named him Frisco

New Kitty #2 adopted from the Idaho Humane Society in Boise
we have named him "Loki"
Loki can stand for Little Orange KItty and is also a Norse god, the trickster

Frisco playing with the ping pong ball in the bathtub

Loki playing with the ping pong ball in the bathtub

the boys hanging out on the couch

Frisco making sure Robin got everything out of her cooler

going to the vet for a check up... and thrilled about it!

Loki napping with Dad

one of Loki's favorite places to sleep...
not very helpful when you are trying to type on the computer!


Loki and Frisco "playing on the computer"

taking a nap with "Uncle Tom"

they seem to know where they will be the most in the way!

"What ya got on your nose, Dad?  Shall I bite it to find out?"

"Helping" Mom read the Sunday paper

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