Tour of the new high school

Aaron & Christy Florence, Cindy (Wilson) Platz, Jessie & Annie Vargas, Angie (Platz) Baez
Lisa (Whitely) Maez & daughter, Cher (Gummersall) & ?

Cindy (Rule) & Tim Winkle, Kara Stover & Chris Maze, Sarah (Boyles) Maassengale

Bryan Pywell (Robin Peterson's boyfriend), Cindy (Rule) and Tim Winkle, Danny Thweatt

Chris Maze, Sarah (Boyles) Massengale, "Tour Guide" Mike Williams(the new principal)
Christy & Aaron Florence

The Library

Big skylights provide lots of light

they built this school right - there are lots of unoccupied rooms for later expansion

looking back at the entrance from upstairs

one of the computer labs

one of the girls' bathrooms

Science Labs

The Band Room

Art Rooms

The Auditorium

The Commons/Cafeteria

Bryan Pywell, Mike Williams, Chris Maze, Kara Stover, Aaron Florence, Lisa (Whitely) Maez
Cindy (Wilson) Platz, Christy Florence, Cher (Gummersall), Sarah (Boyles) Massingale, ?, Angie (Platz) Baez

The Gym

The Weight Room

an elevator

the Gym from the second floor

one of two auxiliary gyms upstairs on each side of the main gym

a track runs around the main gym an two auxiliary gyms on the 2nd floor
it runs past the commons/cafeteria

I think this is maybe teacher parking

The Vo-Ag Building and Greenhouse

The Football Field and Track

looking South

Looking North

Inside the Announcer's Box

looking back at the Vo-Ag building, school, and student parking (I think)

student parking (I think)

Concession Stand

The South goal post and score board
behind are the two practice fields and the lighted soccer field

The Teachers

Dinner at the Copper Canyon

Picnic at Harmon Park