Drink of the Day: Cafe' Royal

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Start the day with a little fog.

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Looks like the tide was out.

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The fog was almost gone by the time we docked.

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Off the the big ship.

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And on a small boat for a days tour in the Misty Fjords.

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This 40' boat had four 600hp pumps, and cruised at 33 knots.

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Old native drawings.

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The bald eagle is the local bird here.

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I don't know why I took this shot.

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A interesting island

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First good look at a Fjord, glacier cut canyons.

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Trees grow on as little as a few inches of ledge.

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Water is coming off glaciers everywhere.

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After a day riding into the fjords by boat one needs a plane ride back.

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Load up. (nice shot of my finger)

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Head set on, start it up.

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Throttled up and we are fling.

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When the glacier would melt away from the rock relieving the presser the rock walls would burst out at times.

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Marsh and tide lands.

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We all need one just a little bit bigger.

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Tie down ropes just flopping in the breeze.

14-17.jpg (87368 bytes)

Lots of water and trees.

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Your next home?

14-19.jpg (102448 bytes)

Our home away from home.

14-20.jpg (66453 bytes)

My dad was read to fly this bird.

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On the ground safe once more.

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Down town Ketchikan.

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My friend Jim told me to take all the photos I could of bears.

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Nice shopping mall.

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Mom, dad and totem poles.

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Time to return to the ship and put on the suit, evening dress is formal to night.

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