Drink of the Day: Caf'e Ol'e

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One more turn to the left and we are at Juneau.

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Small fishing boat, cute.

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Three other ship beat us to town.

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Juneau bay, is one wild place.

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Look off the front of the ship.

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Float planes landing and taking off from both sides of the ship.

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No parking, drop anchor and tenders.

4-14.jpg (91063 bytes)

Six tenders started and ready to move us.

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The last tender leaving the pier is at 11:30pm, as the Norwegian Wind sets sail at midnight for Skagway, Alaska.

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Each tender moves about 75 - 100 people.

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Good parking spot.

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Tram to the top of the hill.

4-22.jpg (87510 bytes)

Tram pick up point.

4-40.jpg (88473 bytes)

Top of the hill.

4-25.jpg (83239 bytes)

Over dressed.

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We are going for a helicopter ride, and dad wanted a beer first.

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Glacier Trek

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They were using 11 helicopters for tours.

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The dash of our chopper.

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5-8.jpg (83770 bytes)

Good shot of our parking spot.

5-11.jpg (79651 bytes)

First Glacier.

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The front of the glacier is miles across.

5-14.jpg (114124 bytes)

Glacier landing pads.

5-18.jpg (99174 bytes)

My first time on a Glacier.

5-20.jpg (81601 bytes)

Demon Ice, water in a crack.

5-24.jpg (106733 bytes)

Sounds like crush glass under your feet when you walk.

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Six people total can ride in the helicopter.

6-2.jpg (75732 bytes)

Miles of ice.

6-3.jpg (103011 bytes)

The glacier grinds the rock to sand and dirt, which blows back across the glacier.

6-4.jpg (108372 bytes)

Some the the glaciers are moving at more than 3 inches per year.

6-5.jpg (104462 bytes)

Piles of sand a dirt being pushed in front of the glacier.

6-13.jpg (96447 bytes)

Signs of a little snow movement.

6-14.jpg (77046 bytes)

Puddles in the glaciers, about a 1/4 mile long.

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