Idaho Society of Practical Shooters

Here are some ISPS match examples.

In a ISPS match all shooters will move through many stages.  In each stage the shooter is started with a timer that keeps track of the total time and number of shots.  Poppers if hit tip over and paper targets are scored based on where the round hits.  Most paper target are shot twice.

The club has a fun match ever first Saturday of each month and a points match ever 3rd. Sunday.

Wells Fargo Summer Games June 16,17, 2001

The games started at 8:30am and ran to 3:00pm.

stage #1 info

Looking through the door.

First bridge.

Second bridge.

stage #2 info

stage #3 info

stage #4 info

stage #5 info

stage #6 info

stage #7 info

stage #7 info


The following Photos are from the fun match on 3-4-2000

In a fun match we only shoot steel targets.

Match updates and club news.

Stage 1

Stage 3

Stage 5

Yes its Me.

Stage 2

Stage 4

Shotgun Stage.

Photos from a past points match.

isps1.jpg (62898 bytes)

Start in the chair and shoot off the horse.

isps2.jpg (54135 bytes)

Start in the box and move to the door.

isps3.jpg (51046 bytes)

Examples of popers and no shoot targets, the ones with X's.

isps4.jpg (45513 bytes)

In this stage you shoot through the holes in the wall.

isps5.jpg (66545 bytes)

More of the same.

isps6.jpg (56845 bytes)

Here is a standard paper target.

isps7.jpg (51914 bytes)

In this frame you can see the start timer in use.

isps8.jpg (50432 bytes)

All are invited.

isps9.jpg (40255 bytes)

A example of a good grip.

isps10.jpg (57497 bytes)

Meet Ed, one nice guy and a great shot.

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