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Indoor model airplane
fly times and pictures


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Our goal is to help you resolve your local computer problems and provide in-person training as needed.
For now, call me or send email

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If you have a proto type or one-off part you need made, or modified, contact us. We specialize in small batches to keep our turn around times low. We machine most metals and some plastics 


Thanks to all of you who have used our services in the past!
Sorry, we have to close our doors due to the poor economy. :-(
We recommend Costco for scanning now.


Idaho Mounted Orienteering
The Thinking Sport

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IMO is a competitive, timed sport.  The object of the sport is to use a map, compass and clues to find five hidden markers while riding a trusty steed.
Not your every day photos

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I enjoy taking pictures of interesting things, people, and places, and hope to be able to share what I have captured over the years on this site.


To get your brain started, figure out what and where this is?

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Past photo's with answers.

Possible Meteor Samples


Summer Vacation




Loki & Frisco



Our New Kitties
May 2011



Marty the Cat
May 2008 - May 2011



The current Subaru plates


I Fly Model air planes and kites

Stuff for the organ of thought.

Gender Differences in the work place.

New keys to solving male/female communication problems! The difference is in the thought process


2011 Yellowstone

2010 McCall Winter Carnival

2009 Canyon County Fair

Trailing of the sheep 2007

2007 Western Idaho State Fair

Sumpter Valley Railway

Stanley Idaho

Silver City trip

X-ray_warning.JPG (28452 bytes)

Fair Pictures 2004

Canyon County Fair Pictures 2003

Clipper Tour 2002

"Fair Pictures 2001"

wind.jpg (3758 bytes)   98 Holiday

Holiday by Bus in 97


Art Class Examples

Dad's Salmon river fishing trip, summer 2001


Many more of my activities


Indoor model airplane fly times, click here!

Model planes, Electric RC flying, park flying and even some rubber band planes.

Idaho Society of Practical Shooter

Blacks Creek

isps3.jpg (51046 bytes)

Warhawk Air Museum


The one I fly has yellow tips.

Home projects.

The shed

Next construction, the upstairs bath room.

Last back yard shop project.

Yamaha Repair.

Here is a link to Microsoft which talks about slow system problems:

"You can't spy on yourself and be yourself at the same time"

"You don't see with your eyes.  You see through your eyes, with your mind."

Some other links to try.

NASA homepage



Pictures of George Fox University

Thomas, look up pending Congressional bills.

National Park Service.

Parents dog

Civilian Marksmanship Program

Red Star Shooting Game

Nampa Rod & Gun Club

National Rifle Association

Drive way widening project

Pictures of George Fox University

Past Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

MHS 1991 Reunion

Robin and Me 2007


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